Thursday, December 12, 2013

Reading Resolutions for 2014

I gave myself some reading resolutions last year and I found that I did stick to them...mostly and they did help me a lot so I decided to do the same thing this year since 2014 is going to be a crazy year.I am getting married in June and I still have a ton to do.

These are goals that I know I can achieve and it will keep me from stressing out too much :).

1) Read one e-book a month. I try to do this now but some months I do not use my kindle at all so I want to use it more because I really do love having  it.

2) For every library book I read, read one of my own books. I get caught up with all the pretty new books I get from the library that I neglect the books sitting on my shelves so if I force myself to read one of my own books for each library book I own I will feel less guilty.

3) Read one book I own for every book I buy. I buy a lot of books, I can admit it so I need to read more of what I already own.

4) Finish the incomplete series on my shelves. I made a post about this last month. I have a lot of series where I have the entire series but I never finished it or I have not started it so I am going to try to put a book from that list on my TBR each month.

5) Read every day. I try to read every single day at least a little but but sometimes I slack off. I really enjoyed pushing myself to read every day this year even if it was only for 10 minutes so I want to do it again.

7) Stick to my monthly TBR. I am guilty of consistently not finishing my TBR, but I need to force myself to do it because I put every single book on their for a reason and when I do not read it when I have put it on my TBR it usually takes me awhile to get back to it.

8) Re-read more. I love re-reading books and this is why I buy my favorites but I feel guilty for re-reading a book because I  have so many unread books so I am going to try to re-read one book a month.

9) Read big books.  They are intimidating but I need to get past it and read them.

10) Get out of my reading comfort zone. I try to read from a variety of different genres but I know I still hesitate sometimes with a genre I am unsure of so I need to stop hesitating and try it out.

What are your reading resolutions? Let me know :)

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