Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Reading Resolutions for 2015

I love to put down my goals for the new year. I find it helps a lot and I like going through my goals from the year before and see how much they helped me.

Last year my goals were read one e-book a month (failed at this one), read one of my own books for every book I borrow (I succeeded some months, but not all), finish incomplete series on my shelf (I finished some but not all of the books I wanted to finish), read everyday (mostly succeeded with this one) , stick to my monthly TBR (mostly succeeded with this one), re-read books ( I did good until the last part of the year), read big books (I didn't do as well as I wanted on this one), get out of my reading comfort zone (accomplished) and my last goal was to only buy as many as I read (failed).

This year my goals are:

1) Read 200 books (including comics and graphic novels)
2) Stick to my TBR 
3) Read at least one e-book a month
4) Buy less books (I am trying to buy 5 books a month)
5) Read one book off my shelf for every book I borrow
6) Donate more books- if I don't want to read it just give it away
7) Read books that have been sitting on my self for a long time

What are your reading goals?

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