Thursday, March 12, 2015

Review of Fourth Comings by Megan McCafferty

Title: Fourth Comings
Author: Megan McCafferty
Source: Bought new
Series:  Yes
Rating: 4/5

Goodreads Summary:
At first it seems that she’s living the elusive New York City dream. She’s subletting an apartment with her best friend, Hope, working for a magazine that actually utilizes her psychology degree, and still deeply in love with Marcus Flutie, the charismatic addict-turned-Buddhist who first captivated her at sixteen. 

Of course, reality is more complicated than dreamy clichés. She and Hope share bunk beds in the “Cupcake”—the girlie pastel bedroom normally occupied by twelve-year-old twins. Their Brooklyn neighborhood is better suited to “breeders,” and she and Hope split the rent with their promiscuous high school pal, Manda, and her “genderqueer boifriend.” Freelancing for an obscure journal can’t put a dent in Jessica’s student loans, so she’s eking out a living by babysitting her young niece and lamenting that she, unlike most of her friends, can’t postpone adulthood by going back to school. 

Yet it’s the ever-changing relationship with Marcus that leaves her most unsettled. At the ripe age of twenty-three, he’s just starting his freshman year at Princeton University. 

This is the fourth books in the Jessica Darling series. I cannot say too much without giving away too much information. This book is so amazing and the series keeps getting better and better as it goes along. 

The book is from Jessica's point of view just like the other books, but this one felt different to me. It still had the same sense of humour, but I also felt my heartbreaking slowly in a million different ways. The ending tore my heart out and I had to read the first chapter of the final book because there is no way I could not. The final novel so far looks like we may see things through Marcus's point of view.

Everyone needs to read this series, there is so much awesome in these books. Jessica Darling ages slowly in front of us and you get to see her experience love and heartbreak and friendship in varying degrees. Also Jessica's family is hilarious. Her dad especially cracks me up. They are a little dysfunction but they are all there for each other. 

I want to read the final book in the series this year but I am trying to space it out because once I finish this I am done with the Jessica Darling series. I have only read the first book in the pre-teen Jessica Darling series and it is just as good. McCafferty brings the same sense of humour into this series. 

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