Friday, August 22, 2014

My Favorite Book Tubers

This is a little bit of a different post but it is one I have been thinking about this for quite awhile and decided to highlight some of my favorite booktubers. I have a lot more that I love but if I had to choose only ten these would be the ones I would go with.

1) Epic Reads. If you have not watched a tea time you need to because one they talk about awesome books and two it is hilarious. 

2) ChapterStackss. She not only reviews YA, but she only reviews adult books which is awesome. 

3) Read Susie Read. She is another book tuber who reviews YA and adult novels which I appreciate plus she does awesome book talks which are spoiler free reviews which makes me wants to read every single book she recommends. 

4) Little Book Owl. She is an Australian book tuber who reads mostly YA books, but she does read a wide range of YA novels and her reviews are usually themed with the book which is so cool and really adds to the review.

5) LukeLane Reads. This is a new favorite of mine. I discovered him through a collaborative tag that he did with Katie from ChapterStackss called the NSFW book tag which was awesome. 

6) WordsofaReader. This is another Australian book tuber who I enjoy watching, She mostly reviews with the rare YA novel which is refreshing and I have found some really good books through her recommendations that I would have never picked up on my own.

7) BookRatMisty. She is one of the first booktubers I discovered and I still love every single video she does, She does a lot of different interesting things, including her stacks of 5 where you vote for one book for her to read in the month to read and review. 

8) The Readables. She is another one of the booktubers I first learned about when I started watching booktube videos. She reviews everything from comic books to YA and adult books. She is all over the place with her reading in a good way.

9) TheBookHoarder. This booktuber has been away for a little it, but I still wait for her videos because they are always excellent. She is another eccentric reader who reads basically everything and I have discovered quite a few amazing books through her. 

10) ClumsinessisaCurse. Mostly a booktuber who also does other interesting videos like mail art and US care packages where she receives a care package from an american friend and tries all the different treats only available in the US and not in Wales. She reads mostly YA but also review on occasion an adult book.

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