Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Review of The Unfortunates by Sophie McManus

Title: The Unfortunates
Author: Sophie McManus
Series:  Standalone
Source: From the publisher for review
Release Date: June 2 2015
Rating: 2/5

Goodreads Summary:
Cecilia Somner’s fate hangs in the balance. A larger-than-life heiress to a robber baron’s fortune, once known for her cruel wit as much as for her tremendous generosity, CeCe is now in opulent decline. Afflicted with a rare disease and touched by mortality for the first time, her gilded, bygone values collide with an unforgiving present. Along with her troubled son, George, and his outsider wife, Iris, CeCe must face the Somners’ dark legacy and the corrupting nature of wealth. As the Somner family struggles to find a solution to its troubles, the secrets and lies between CeCe, George, and Iris grow entangled. CeCe’s world topples, culminating in a crime as unforgettable as it is unexpected.

I am really not sure what direction this book was trying to go in. It starts off really slow and I was not quite sure the story was trying to tell me and I don't really know what genre this is suppose to be or trying to be. 

The characters are not likeable and I have never met anyone like George before and I really hope I never do. George is a terrible person. His mother always bails him out of everything and he says he loves his wife Iris but I don't think he truly understands love. The way he treats Iris is terrible. CeCe is George's mother  and one of the narrator's of the story and she is suffering from a disease similar to Parkinson's disease and she is very old fashion and does not want people to know she is sick. Iris is George's wife and she comes from a completely different background from George. There was a lot of minor characters who appear and disappear from the story. 

We start the story with finding out CeCe will be heading to a trial drug program away from home. She starts to change slowly and gets a new perspective on her life and on her son, George. CeCe is not a fan of iris, even though Iris has never done anything to CeCe besides not being from old money. Iris learns some of the truth about George when his mom is no longer there to bail him out. She sees a whole new side of him, but she still allows him to treat her terribly as she attempts to shelter him from what he's done while also trying to keep her personal and work life together,  The story is a little sporadic and it jumps all over the place. 

Overall I was not a fan of this novel. I had a really hard time getting into the story and I felt the characters were not realistic, however I do assume that there are characters who act like George and CeCe, but I have not met them and I do not know anyone who has.  I'm glad I checked this out as it is her first novel, but I just did not connect to the story.

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