Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday

This week because of the amount I spent on books I decided to list my top ten bookish jobs I would absolutely love to have in order to pay for more books.  I have no idea if all these jobs actually exist, I hope they do. I admire the people that can take a story, starting with an author with an idea into making it into a novel that is being sold at bookstores.

1) Working at a bookstore.
This has been suggested by my family a lot but I decided if I ever got a second job at a bookstore I would spend my whole pay check there.
2) Librarian
You’re surrounded by books all day and you get to see what new releases are coming in. Awesome J.
3) Journalist who writes articles about books.
Nothing more needs to be said.
4) Book reviewer
Getting paid to review books. I wish.
5) Book Cover Designers
Creating book covers, sadly I am not artistic in anyway so I could never do this job but it is nice to dream.
6) Getting paid to choose books for a bookstore
I do not know if any other stores besides Chapters does this but they have people who “pick” books and items they sell in store.  They get a special sticker saying it was picked by this person.  I want that job of picking books and having a sticker put on them. Well, maybe not a sticker because it bothers me when a sticker is on a book.  If I had that job I would come up with a solution.
7) Shipping books out
How cool would it be to ship books out to people who ordered them? I would love it.  I think that is an awesome job.
8) Event organizer for bookish events
How cool would it be to be an even organizer at the Frankfurt book fair or BEA? To me that sounds like an amazing job.
9) Book editor
Reading books and making sure there are no spelling or grammar errors.  This is not a job I would be good at but it still sounds cool.
10) Millionaire
How is this book related?  If I was a millionaire I could buy books all the time and I could read all day every day if I wanted to.

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