Friday, March 14, 2014

Wedding Update

I will not have a stacking the shelves this week since I hauled absolutely nothing this week so I thought I would do a wedding update instead since as of yesterday my wedding is officially three months away.

I sent out my invites out at the end of February since I refused to pay the additional price for stamps (I am cheap) so they went out a little early. We had our buck and doe last weekend and it was stressful but a whole lot of fun. We had a pretty good turn out which was completely awesome. I left my fiancée in charge of paying the rest of the money owed on the decorator, photographer and bring some more money to our venue to get some things out of the way since he is off until tomorrow. In April I am going for my dress fitting which I am surprisingly nervous about. I am bringing everything to see how everything will look together. I am pretty nervous but excited. I feel like I have so much to do, but there is a lot of things that cannot be done until we get closer to the date.

Let me know if you enjoy these more personal post so I know if I should post again.

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