Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Don't Even Think About It- Sarah Mlynowski

Title: Don't Even Think About It
Author: Sarah Mlynowski
Source: Netgalley for review
Series:  Stand alone
Rating:  3/5

Goodreads Summary:

We weren't always like this. We used to be average New York City high school sophomores. Until our homeroom went for flu shots. We were prepared for some side effects. Maybe a headache. Maybe a sore arm. We definitely didn't expect to get telepathic powers. But suddenly we could hear what everyone was thinking. Our friends. Our parents. Our crushes. Now we all know that Tess is in love with her best friend, Teddy. That Mackenzie cheated on Cooper. That, um, Nurse Carmichael used to be a stripper.
Since we've kept our freakish skill a secret, we can sit next to the class brainiac and ace our tests. We can dump our boyfriends right before they dump us. We know what our friends really think of our jeans, our breath, our new bangs. We always know what's coming. Some of us will thrive. Some of us will crack. None of us will ever be the same. So stop obsessing about your ex. We're always listening.

I am a big fan of Sarah Mlynowski. I love her adult novels and I am a big fan of her Magic In Manhattan series so I was eager to get my hands on her newest novel. This novel is about a group of teenagers who get a flu vaccine that causes them to hear each other thoughts.  The narrator comes from the teenagers affected as a whole. A good amount of the novel addresses the group as a we.

The novel starts by giving a brief view into the lives of the main characters before they have the flu shot. We get a brief look at these characters before everything they think about is known. Once they receive the shot, there is no secrets between them. They can read everyone's mind and soon things they never wanted to know about each other and their families comes out.

The concept of this story was interesting, but I felt like the characters were lacking a little. There was no characters that stood out for me, they all sort of blended together. There was not one point of view I was more eager to get back to above all the other characters. I felt a lot of indifference towards all of these characters.

The plot was very predictable. I never felt like I was surprised in anyway about this story. This book is pretty fluffy. The big thing that bothered me in this novel was Tess slut shaming Sadie because Teddy was not interested in her in that way. I know there are teenage girls that actually act and think this way, but it really bothered me. I thought it was too harsh and a little over the top.

I did not love this novel, but it was a fast read. If you like Mlynowski's other young adult novels I would recommend this. If you are only a fan of her adult books, I would possibly recommend skipping this one. It does feel very juvenile at times.

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