Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Book Thief Movie

I finally watched this movie. I never seen it in theaters because I am terrible about keeping up with movies. I bought this on blu-ray and I love it. This movie stuck very close to the novel, the major plot points were all touched on in the movie. I was hoping that the movie would change a little bit (I am thinking about Rudy. Sigh) but it didn't. I am glad in a way it stuck so closely to the book but I was so sad. If you have read the book you know what scene I am talking about. I know it's coming but it still gets me every time.

This is a movie someone who has not read the book will enjoy. The information given is enough to go by to understand the plot and fall in love with Liesel and everyone else on Himmel street. I watched this with my fiancee who has not read the book and he enjoyed it.

This is a very dark movie, I love how the darkness translated from the book to the movie so well. The lighhearted moments were captured so well. If you buy the blu-ray version (I recommend it) there is an awesome extra where Markus Zusak talks about the film.

5/5 for this movie. I absolutely adored it and once I am emotionally read I will re-watch it.

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