Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Violet on the Runway- Melissa Walker

Title: Violet on the Runway
Author: Melissa Walker
Source: Borrowed
Series: Yes
Rating: 4/5

I have never been interested in being in the fashion or modeling industry, but I am always fascinated on the subject so I decided to give Violet on the Runway a try and I absolutely loved it.  I enjoyed Violet; she was just a teenager working in a movie theatre who turned into a model.  I have a few friends who are models who completely love their job and I felt like this book portrayed both sides of modeling. It showed the friends and fun you could have while also showing the competitive and cut throat side of things also.

Violet did some frustrating things but overall I enjoyed her character. I loved how the second love interest is left open, it could happen if they both admit to it or it could just fade away. She has some pretty awesome best friends who were supportive.

The story was not at all what I expected. It threw some curves at me and I am glad that there is a sequel; I want to know what happens next with Violet. Plus it was blurbed by Sarah Dessen, how can you go wrong?

This is a pretty quick read, it does have some heavy parts to it but it completed the story. I am hoping to jump into the sequel, Violet by Design soon.

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