Monday, October 15, 2012

Coastal Access- Walter Ramsay

Title: Coastal Access
Author: Walter Ramsay
Source: From the publisher
Series: Yes
Rating: 3/5

In Florida, Interstate 95 snakes from the Georgia state line to Miami in an uninterrupted run of coastal cities. The country that lies west of the interstate however, is often referred to as a wasteland, a no-man's territory fit only for those who can stand the dank heat of a swamp. So when Judge Arnold Galley and his consortium seem intent on acquiring over a million and a half acres of this fetid real estate just west of the highway, many heads begin to turn. Why does he want it so bad? 

That question intrigues Tucker Lee Anderson, a divorced sports reporter down on his luck. Not long after his discovery of the judge's prodigious real estate lust, he finds himself plunged into the middle of a massive murder cover-up that involves the magistrate as well. Suddenly, the sports scribe has turned into an undercover investigative reporter who must piece together the puzzle to find out why so many people want or need the judge's coastal access. The mystery's roots are deep and old. To crack the case, Tucker will have to draw on the knowledge contained in his family's Deep Southern lineage, which dates back to a time before the Civil War. 

He is aided in his quest by Craig, a detective and childhood friend, whose law enforcement connections will prove invaluable for his investigation and even for his own personal safety. Yet Tucker's most startling source of help is a mysterious stranger named Doug. After being presumed dead for decades, he has returned to Florida for unexplained reasons. Eventually, Tucker will find that Doug plays an unexpectedly large role in his life and will let him understand how his fate is intimately tied to the real estate greed of the judge's consortium. 

By the mystery's end, Tucker will realize that most journeys lead you back to where you first began. In this spellbinding tale of good versus evil, Tucker will find the strength he needs to carry on from family roots he scarcely knew he had. 

Coastal Access is the second book featuring the protagonist Tucker Lee Anderson. I recommend reading the first book with this protagonist which is Beneath the Dune. I was unable to get a copy from my local library or book store and I read the book without reading the first one and I found the story made references to the first book and at times the story did not get explained as well due to the fact I am going to assume that the topics were covered in the previous novel.

The story was had an interesting take to a series of murders. Tucker Anderson has a paranormal power that he uses to assist him to discover the truth behind these murders. He also has assistance from his friend on the police force. 

The characters in this novel to me were a little odd at times. Tucker was very gullible for a reporter who investigates murders. He seems to know nothing about the man who lives next to him, Doug and allows half-truth answers to suffice when it is clear there is more to the story. The paranormal aspect did not intrigue me as much as I hoped it would, it is possible I would have enjoyed it more if I had more knowledge about his ability.  The part that really got me however was the ending. His daughter and his girlfriend share some news with him and everyone seems to take in stride which I found a little unrealistic which to me really took away from the story and made it feel like the story was being swept up into a neat little pile.

The setting was wonderful, I have not been to Florida before but while Ramsay was describing the setting I felt like I was there with the characters. The plot of the conspiring government was interesting but again I felt like the bad guys spilled there guts at the end and we knew everything that was suppose to happen. Unfortunately  cover all to me the story felt very underdeveloped and I really wanted more from this story than was provided. 

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