Tuesday, December 4, 2012

13 Little Blue Envelopes- Maureen Johnson

Title: 13 Little Blue Envelopes
Author: Maureen Johnson
Source: Bought new
Series: Yes
Rating: 3.5/5

Inside little blue envelope 1 are $1,000 and instructions to buy a plane ticket.

In envelope 2 are directions to a specific London flat.

The note in envelope 3 tells Ginny: Find a starving artist.

Because of envelope 4, Ginny and a playwright/thief/ bloke-about-town called Keith go to Scotland together, with somewhat disastrous-though utterly romantic-results. But will she ever see him again?

Everything about Ginny will change this summer, and it's all because of the 13 little blue envelopes.

This was my first Maureen Johnson book and I was really underwhelmed by it. I hoped this book would be a discovering yourself while travelling novel. In a way it was, Ginny follows the rules listed inside the thirteen envelopes her aunt Peg when she died. 

Ginny takes a summer to follow the envelopes that her aunt has let her. The first envelopes tells her to go to London and to go to a flat where she meets Richard. The envelopes take Ginny all over Europe in the hopes of understanding her eccentric aunt.  I loved all the places that Ginny visited and I hope to one day visit at least a few of the places she managed to make it to.

I found Ginny to be a flat character, she was predictable and the romance in the story left me feeling a little disappointed. I just could not connect with Ginny. I liked the idea of the envelopes but I was not overly interested in what happened in between.  Keith was a pretty eccentric character, I thought he was pretty funny to read about, at times I thought he was a little mean to Ginny but she allowed him to treat her that way so I could not extend too much sympathy. Then there was Richard. Oh I loved him, I thought he was so sweet. I loved him and I wanted to give him a big hug. He was so caring, he looked out for Peg and Ginny. He was my favourite character.

The plot was interesting, I loved that Ginny had the opportunity to visit all these amazing places and meet so many people. The letters gave Ginny an insight into her aunt Peg's life that she never revealed while she was alive which I think helped Ginny deal with her death.  I really liked the ending, I completely convinced myself that I was not going to read the second book but that ending changed my mind. I need to know what happens next. I hope that there will be more Richard. 

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