Friday, January 10, 2014

No Place Like Oz- Danielle Paige

Tile: No Place like Oz
Author: Danielle Paige
Source: Bought new (kindle)
Series: Yes
Rating: 4/5/5

Dorothy has missed Oz since she left. She told Glinda that she wanted to go back to Kansas to live with her Aunt Em and Uncle Henry but she soon realizes that Kansas just does not appeal to her as it once did. Dorothy plans to get back to Oz  as soon as she can/

This book picks off where the Wizard of Oz leaves off. Dorothy is back to her ordinary farm life in Kansas until her birthday when she is given the opportunity to go back to Oz with her family. Dorothy is changed from the girl who first left off. She has become self centered and hungry for power. She wants to take everything she can from Oz. I like how this book is setting up how Dorothy becomes so evil. I am looking forward to Dorothy Must Die even more now because I want to see how the protagonist is going to take her down.

The characters from the original story are in this story along with some new characters. The scarecrow, the lion and the tin man are still friends with Dorothy but Glinda the good witch actually might not be as good as she is portrayed.

The story was a little slow in the beginning but it certainty picks in the middle and the end. I found the characters hard to connect to, reading the original book I liked Dorothy but this time I did not like her at all. I have to admit she does make a good villain.

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