Tuesday, October 2, 2012

September Wrap Up

I normally combine my wrap up with my TBR for the next month but since I added an explanation to my October TBR I decided it was easier to separate them for this month because I didn't want the post to be too long.

In September I had the goal of reading 23 books on my TBR. I read 21 books in total. I only read 9 off of my September TBR which was awful and I hope to remedy that this month.

In September I read...

Home Front- Kristin Hannah
Trafficked- Kim Purcell
One More Step- ShereeFitch
Ready Player One- Ernest Cline
Skulduggery Pleasant- Derek Landy
You Are Not Here- Samantha Schutz
Black Box-Julie Schumacher
The Looking Glass Wars- Frank Reddork
The Boy Recession- Flynn Meaney
 The Unidentified- Rae Mariz
Swim the Fly- Don Calame
Second Chance Summer- Morgan Matson
Catch the Sun- Lee Zemlock
Dead Men Kill- L. Ron Hubbard
Enshadowed- Kelly Creagh
Virtuosity- Jessica Martinez
Coastal access- Walter Ramsay
The Vespertine- Saundra Mitchell
Possess- Gretchen McNeill
The Raft- S.A. Bodeen
Beat The Band- Don Calame

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