Saturday, October 6, 2012


I am currently on vacation from October 5th to October 14th. I will be starting my vacation in La Vegas then  after I spend a few days there I will be driving to LA to do some sight seeing there and stay a few days. My vacation will end in San Francisco where I am going to see ALCATRAZ!!! This is on my bucket list and I am really excited to cross it off the list.

I will have some post scheduled while I am out of town, however I may be a delayed in contacting the winner of the Audrey's Guide to Witchcraft giveaway which I apologize for but I am going to bring my tablet so I may be able to connect to the internet at one of the hotels and email the winner.

This will be my last vacation unfortunately for awhile since the boyfriend is insisting we have to save money for an event I am not informed about at this point according to him. I will include some pictures when I get back.

Is anyone else planning a vacation soon? Leave a comment below so I can check out where you will be heading!

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