Friday, March 9, 2012

Weekend Reads

Hooray for Friday! It has been a long week for me, but I have the ENTIRE weekend off and some good news. The three members on my team got together and made a new, AWESOME schedule so we only have to work 1/3 weekends. Also my new reading chair is set to arrive today or tomorrow. So excited!

And now onto the books!

This weekend I have picked a pile to choose from, I hope to finish at least three. Fingers crossed. I have three categories of books this week and I have chosen two for each category to be fair. I am a nerd.

1) Borrowed

My sister gave me these two the last time I visited her and I still have not read them yet. I know she does not care when I give them back, but I feel these should be moved to the top of my TBR pile.

Perfect- Sara Shepard (Read)

 Unbelievable- Sara Shepard

2) Digital

These have been on my Playbook for awhile and I never seem to get around to them. Cinder was on there for awhile too, but I finished it in one day and LOVED it. No more excuses, plus this will count towards my ten e-books for the year...I am a little behind on that one.

A need so beautiful - Suzanne Young (Read)

 Kendra Blake- Anna Dressed in Blood (Read)

3) Physical Books

This is the reason why I do not read more of my e-books. I have so many physical books that are waiting for me, so I keep reading those instead of getting to my also extensive pile of e-books so I have chosen two I hope to get to this weekend.

 Miles from Ordinary- Carol Lynch Williams (Read)

Lament- Maggie Stiefater

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