Friday, June 14, 2013

Discussion Post: Series Vs. Stand Alone Novels

Cass from Books With Cass is hosting a summer of stand alone challenge and this made me start to think about a stand alone novel versus a series.

Advantages of a stand alone novel

1) You do not have to wait for the next book in the series to come out.
2) If I know there is not a series, I will normally purchase over getting it from the library.
3) I am more likely to start a stand alone novel over a series since I have to invest a lot more time into a series
4) Reading a new genre/topic, trying out new genres.

Disadvantages of stand alone novels

1) If I love a character or a world and there is only one book.
2) The book can feel rushed or the ending is too neat and tidy.

Advantage of Series

1) The world/ characters are amazing there is more than one book to learn about the characters.
2) Likely going to be a cliffhanger ending that leaves me in agony but loving the series.
3) Spin off series
4) More time for character/ world development.
5) Changing your mind fifty times over who is good/evil. I do this a lot...
6) The satisfaction of finishing a series

Disadvantage of Series

1) Getting burnt out on all the series coming out
2) Feeling like the series is not long enough/ too long.
3) Trend followers, something becomes popular and a ton of new series come out.
4) Second book syndrome. There is always the book in the series that is always a bit of a disappointment.
5) Cover changes in the middle of a series.

Personally I do not have a favorite, sometimes I am on a series kick and sometimes I just want to read stand alone novel. Do you have a preference? 

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