Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by Jamie at The Broke and the Bookish.

This week's topic is a rewind so I get to pick a past topic. I am going to go with the topic from March 12 2013 which was top ten books at the top of my spring 2013 TBR list.
1) Unbreak My Heart- Melissa C. Walker
This is a recent purchase for me, I really enjoyed Melissa's Violet series so when this came on sale for Kindle I bought it and this book just looks like a spring/summer book which makes me want to read it.
2) Fourth Comings- Megan McCafferty
This book has been on my shelves forever. I have been taking my time to read this series because I don't want it to end *sob* but I need to know what is going to happen to Jessica and Marcus.
3) The Miseducation Of Cameron Post- Emily M. Danforth
I have wanted to read this book since I first heard about it which was before it even came out but I still have not read it.  I found this on sale for my Kindle and I want to dive into it asap.
4) The Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom- Christopher Healy
This is another one that I bought on sale and have been dying to read. A Fairy tale re-telling from the prince's point of view, I totally need to read this.
5) The Space Between- Jessica Martinez
Her first novel blew me away so as soon as I knew she was coming out with another book I ordered it immediately and now it is just sitting on my shelf.
6) The Evolution of Mara Dyer- Michelle Hodkins
The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer was one of my favorite books of 2011 so I waited impatiently for the sequel and now that it is on my shelf waiting.
7) The Demon King- Cinda Williams Chima
I have heard nothing but good things about this book and I bought it a long time ago from Chapters and planned to read it immediately but other books got put before this one.
8) Gone- Michael Grant
The first four books are sitting on my shelf but of course I have not read any of them. I need to read all of them but I will start with book one.
9) The Dark Divine- Bree Despain
Why have I not start this series yet? Why?! This book sound so good and I look at it constantly but I always tell myself there are other books I should read first. I am going to remedy this soon.
10) Rules of Attractions- Simone Elkeles
There is no reason why I have not read this book. I absoutely love Simone Elkeles books, they are always fast and I can get through them in one sitting easily so there is no reason why I have not had time to read this.
What is on your list to read in the spring?


  1. Unbreak My Heart is so good!! I remember loving all the characters and the family relationships.

    Also, The Seven Realms are one of my FAVE fantasy series, so I definitely hope you'll get to 'The Demon King' soon. =)