Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Selection- Keira Cass

Title: The Selection

Author: Keira Cass

Source: Bought new

Series: I hope so

Rating: 5/5

I do not know who came up with this term for The Selection but it fits it completely. It has been described as if The Hunger Games and The Bachelor had a lovechild it would be this book. It is so freaking amazing. I did a little happy dance when I found it and it ended with me frustrated. 
To beginning to end this book had me. I could not put it down; I wanted to come up with an excuse not to go to work just so I could read this book from cover to cover. It was beautifully written, the story fell into place. I clung to every word; I did not want to miss anything this book had to offer.
This cover is gorgeous. I love the color of her dress on the cover. I want to paint a room in my house that color so I can keep thinking about this book. My boyfriend informed me we have no rooms to paint right now but I do have a basement so I might get my way. Possibly eventually when I work up the courage to finish my basement.
I think my favourite part of the book besides the great story was the amazing characters; they all moved me in a different way. In the beginning I loved Aspen. I thought he was selfless and completely delicious.  I lost a little love for him once America met Maxton.  I feel bad but he just was not as good as before. America was a strong character from the beginning, as always she grew more into her character as the book progressed but she was pretty set in her ways when the story began. I loved the different relationships she had with everyone from Aspen to her family.  She adapted to new situations well, she made mistakes along the way but she seemed to learn from them. She was unique and she did not let the selection change who she was. I could not completely review this book without a little swoon for Prince Maxon. Oh he is amazing.  He is essentially “the bachelor” who gets to choose one of the thirty- five eligible girls to be his wife.  He is resourceful and smart. He keeps his options open and seems to know what he wants.  He was an impressive character and I cannot wait to see more of him.
I feel like I am going to explode if I do not get my hands on the next book, why did she have to end it like that. Why?!?! I am so tormented; I need to know what happens. Speculation is not doing much for me. I need to know what is happening with Maxon and America and Aspen.  I thought it would be a neatly wrapped up ending which is was not at all.  I would have loved it if I had the next book in hand which sadly I do not.
Read this book, it is so good, and if you’re like me and try to sneak books into the cart while out grocery shopping this book is already out in soft cover which is super awesome for your pocket book.

Leave a comment below of what you think of this book, I would love to know.

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