Saturday, May 12, 2012

Stacking the Shelves (23)

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Disclosure: I have a ridiculous amount of books this week. No joke this is the most books I have ever received in one week.  Beware.

Why do I have so many books well it started with...

My friend who lives in a small apartment is having a baby in June (Yay!) so she needed to make her book room a nursery so she offered me some bookshelves so I went to get the shelves. She told me that she has a few books to give away so I said sure and that's when my book explosion started.A few books turned out to be 66 books which equals out to three Staples paper boxes overflowing. The boyfriend was not happy. Since I knew she would not get rid of them I went through ALL 66 books and divided them into keeps, and bring to friends/used bookstore. I divided the books I kept into YA and Adult. Enjoy.

The Adult Books

Final Diagnosis- Gary Birken M.D.
First Love- Adrienne Sharp
Somebody Else's Daughter- Elizabeth Brundage
The Greek Myths- Robert Graves
Material Girl- Julia London
The Testimony- Anita Shreve
An Empty Death- Laura Wilson
The King's Speech- Mark Logue & Peter Conradi
Bird in Hand- Christina Baker Kline
Pretty Woman- Fern Michaels

The Young Adult Books

Pulling Prince- Tyne O'Connell
Stealing Prince- Tyne O'Connell
Dueling Prince- Tyne O'Connell
Temping Fate- Esther Friesner
If We Kiss- Rachel Vail
That Girl Lucky Moon-Amy Timberlake
Vegan, Virgin, Valentine- Carolyn Mackler (So excited!)
The Queen of Cool- Cecil Castellucci
Singer in the Snow- Louise Marley
Bass Ackwards and Belly Up- Elizabeth Craft & Sarah Fain
Poision- Chris Wooding

This is where part two beings....

Once I was done sorting through the books I made the boyfriend happy by telling him the remainder (about two boxes stacked full) were going to the used bookstore so he agreed to help. Once I got there I looked around and picked out some more books (I had a lot of of accumulated credit so I did not have to spend a cent).

Credit Books

A Spot of Brother- Mark Haddon
Vampire Academy- Richelle Mead
FrostBite- Richelle Mead
Shadow Kiss- Richelle Mead
Summer and the City-  Candace Bushnell
There is No Dog- Meg Resoff

And the final chapter...

At this point I was pretty sure my boyfriend was going to blow his top with all the books and new bookshelves I had ( I gave him one of the smaller ones and he's happy now) then we decided to get groceries and while there I FINALLY bought a book. It was soft cover AND it was under $10 so I got away with it.

Bought New

The Selection- Keira Cass (SOO good)

What did you get this week?

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